About Us

Quick 12

"You Only Have 12 'Quick" Hours to Make a Difference in Someone's Day"


A narrative of why Quick 12 was started:

A complex pandemic, some bad news from a relative, not enough rest, and coming back to work after a really tough last shift are all excuses to justify why we could show up at the start of our next scheduled shifts feeling less than stellar...

Our colleagues would understand and with just enough effort our patients might not notice the mediocre level of care we would provide them for that shift.  But one thing's for sure, we would notice.  We would feel the draining lack of positivity as we slip into an almost apathetic state of "burnout".  The burnout may spontaneously fade as it has before, but then again, there's always that chance that it doesn't.  That persistent "burnout" would ultimately lead to a loss of satisfaction in our work and may even spill into our personal lives, which is dangerous, because it puts us at an incredibly high risk for self harm.

Healthcare providers are extensively taught through formal education how to provide competent medical care for individuals suffering from a variety of complex medical conditions.  Unfortunately, this training does not adequately address how to properly cope with the inevitable hardships associated with providing care to patients with these complex medical conditions.

Without effective tools and mechanisms to address these hardships, there will always be an increased threat to the resilience of healthcare providers and risk of "caregiver burnout".

Quick 12 is a mental tool that is simple to learn and easy to apply a mitigate these threats.  whatever circumstances you may be facing at the start of your next shift.


Quick 12 was founded by five nurses in Boston, MA.  "Quick 12" was first coined by one of the founding nurses. Initially, the catch phrase was used as a light-hearted reminder that her shift, no matter how challenging of an assignment, would eventually come to an end in 12 "quick" hours.  The powerful nature of this simple catch-phrase's ability to spread positivity and resilience became so evident that we felt compelled to share the intention-setting "Quick 12" phrase with as many caregivers as possible through the development of this brand.


Talk to any nurse that you know and you'll find out that "burnout" is a real and concerning phenomenon.  Caregiver burnout is a dangerous state of emotional distress and exhaustion that leads to poor patient-care outcomes and reduced caregiver satisfaction.  This form of burnout places caregivers at an increased risk of depression, mental health disease, and suicide.  Nurses and other professional care providers are exceptionally vulnerable to caregiver burnout if they do not have effective measures to prevent it.
Our goal is simple: To equip nurses and caregivers with the intention-setting "Quick 12" tool to enable them to instantly welcome positivity and resilience to achieving greater satisfaction as a patient-care provider.




Mental Health America Inc. (MHA) Quick Shift LLC donates a portion of all generated profits to Mental Health America (MHA) in support of their continued efforts to promote mental health for all. Learn more about MHA at www.mhanational.org.  

*We encourage you to explore the MHA resources and specifically want to emphasize their Frontline COVID-19 Workers resource page which offers a wealth of assistance, information, and screening tests for mental health conditions that affect caregivers.