Julia Hamilton, RN, BSN

Julia Hamilton, RN, BSN

Quick 12's Featured Nurse of the Month!

Celebrated as Quick 12's Featured Nurse of the Month, Julia Hamilton, RN, BSN is a Colorectal Surgery Nurse in Boston, MA.

"There are good days and bad days.  The Quick 12 mindset reminds us everyday as nurses to take a step back and remember the values that drove us to pursue this profession." 
Recently graduating with her BSN from Saint Anselm College, Julia started her professional nursing career in the colorectal surgery specialty at one of the top hospital's in Boston, MA.  As a new nurse, Julia appreciates her nurse colleagues as they help to support and foster her mastery of the nursing profession.
"I am extremely grateful to all of my fellow GI/Colorectal Surgery nurses who have been so supportive of me as a new grad nurse. As a new nurse myself, my advice for other new grad nurses would be to not be afraid of asking for help!  There are always people around that can provide you with guidance or a hand in any given situation"  
When Julia is not at work caring for patients recovering from colorectal surgeries, she enjoys balancing her time with family, friends, and exercise classes to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Thank you Julia and to all colorectal specialty nurses for everything that you do to support the positivity and resilience of your colleagues and patients everyday!

March is recognized as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.  You can check out more about how Quick 12 is raising awareness for the colorectal cancer awareness by clicking on the blue ribbon below!

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