August: Nurse Preceptorship & Resiliency Month

The month of August hosts three nationally recognized major health-awareness initiatives: Breastfeeding, Children's Eye Health and Safety, &  Immunization Awareness.  And although each of these initiatives are critically important topics in health promotion to the greater public, here at Quick 12 we've decided to dedicate our August Monthly feature to something a little closer to home.

Here at Quick 12, are roots are in nursing and our focus is on supporting the future of the profession.  In the world of nursing, August is the time of year when the majority of recent spring graduate nurses begin the onboarding process into their newly-accepted positions in hospitals and other healthcare facilities throughout the country.  A preceptorship model is frequently used by nursing departments to onboard newly licensed nurses (NLN's), pairing them with experienced nurses to provide mentorship as they transition into professional practice. 

The transition to professional practice can be daunting and stressful for a newly licensed nurse. The preceptorship model, when executed properly, should strengthen the NLN's confidence and resilience under the guidance and support of an excellent nurse preceptor.

We want to dedicate the month of August to Nurse Preceptorship and Resiliency training. To raise awareness for the importance of training newly licensed nurses to become confident and resilient professionals, we have created the NLN Tee!


NLN Tee, Q12 Apparel 


(Newly Licensed Nurse)