November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Join us this November in raising awareness for Lung Cancer.  Statistically, Lung Cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths in both men & women in the United States.  However improvements in care over the past 5 years have led to an 14% increase in overall survival rate.  To put that percentage into a more personalized context, any of the estimated 236,000 individuals to be diagnosed with lung cancer this year will have an almost two-fold survival rate compared to individuals diagnosed with Lung Cancer in 2017 or earlier.

It's statistics like this that make us really appreciate the clinical advances, impact, and importance of nurses who provide specialize in the Thoracic and Pulmonary care specialities.  These nurses help to educate, comfort, and prepare their patients for Lung Cancer treatment, which ultimately leads to improved patient quality of life as well as tolerance of therapy... which ultimately leads to improved survival.  The clinical nurse practice advances are a result of the resources and supports offered by organizations who focus on pulmonary and thoracic patient care.

The American Lung Association, is the leading organization in promoting lung health with the vision of "a world free of lung disease".  Started over 115 years ago this organization has grew to help more than 20 million people each year through their programs and initiatives.  One of these initiatives, LUNGFORCE, a nation-wide strategic cause initiative that unites those impacted by lung cancer and their caregivers across the country to stand together against lung cancer.  We encourage everyone visiting this site to check out the LUNGFORCE initiative, which you can access here:

The American Lung Association has committed to funding $10 million specifically for lung cancer research with a focus on projects designed to find cures, and prevent and relieve suffering associated with lung cancer.  During this November's National Lung Cancer Awareness Month - we want to support the American Lung Association meed this commitment.

All November long, we will be dedicating a 20% of every purchased Lung Force Long Sleeve to support the American Lung Association.

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